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Benefits of Training

The benefits of Fanchento are deep, and immediate and training is inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable. Over years students develop real self defence skills, increased levels of fitness and health and long term practitioners report experiences of profound insight and spiritual growth.


Training always remains firmly grounded in reality and as a completely cohesive system all exercises offer profound benefits at multiple levels:

  • Practical (Self Defence)

  • Physical (Strength, Coordination, Flexibility, Agility)

  • Health

  • Intellectual and strategic (Yo Rule & Classics of Chinese and Japanese strategy)

  • Psychological (Development of self awareness and transpersonal experiences)

  • Spiritual (Appreciation of Beauty, Truth and Goodness)

Self Defence

Fanchento side KickMost people begin studying martial arts with the intention of learning to defend themselves. This is natural and appropriate and Fanchento very quickly proves itself as a practical and intelligent system of self defence.


Fanchento initially focuses on a small number of very efficient techniques that are mindfully practiced until they become part of the practitioner's reflex- never lost and always available if needed.


This focus on a simple highly functional technique bears striking resemblance to some of the most effective combat systems including Krav Maga and Denis Hisdrudut (a system with which Fanchento has a common ancestral lineage).


Physical Benefits

  • Kung Fu & Ju Jitsu side kickStrength

  • Coordination

  • Flexibility

  • Agility

  • Cardio

  • Sense of Grounding & physical comfort: We work on perfecting physical alignment (structure) which allows for the most efficient use of energy and this has a positive impact on all aspects of daily life - increasing efficiency, minimizing fatigue and providing a sense of grounding and consistent physical comfort often lacking due to our modern, "alienating" western life styles.



As physical skill increases, the body as a system becomes more efficient and the development of physical health is usually a natural outcome. Diet, sleep, work/ life balance all begin to find a natural, and sustainable homeostasis. Efficiency in physical movement unleashes a store of pent up energy now available in all aspects of life.



Fanchento kung fu & Jujitsu jumping kickThe principles of Fanchento are a reflection of some of the most profound writings in the cannons of eastern philosophy. Fanchento is a beautiful expression of the ideas expressed in the Chinese classics the Lao Tsu (Tao Te Ching) and Sun Tsu's "Bing Fa" or Art of War.


In advanced classes these ideas are related to the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms (a book often likened to the Iliad) and revealing profound wisdom.


Applying strategic principles physically allows for these ideas to become "body wisdom" - so deeply understood that they are readily applied in other areas.


Principle of Yo
Fanchento Kung Fu & Ju Jitsu kickThe "Yo Rule" or "Principle of Yo" (Unity from 4 elements) is a little taught academic paradigm in which all martial arts can be situated. It consists of 16 sections, each further divided into 4 sections which dovetail together. Each section deals with an important aspect of martial art from breathing to palm changes and from stepping to the development of grounding.


Once the Yo rule is grasped, it allows students to continue to develop and grow and become their own teacher as they explore all techniques and test philosophies within this framework.

For a goal to be efficiently achieved, the individual must optimise two aspects:

• The actions that lead through cause and effect to that goal being realized (Yang)
• The correct psychological alignment ideal to achieving it- Intentionality (Yin)

hento Kung fu & Ju JitsuThe correct actions can be discovered through planning (strategy) - the mental aspect of martial training. However, actions carried out with muddied intention usually find a way to nullify themselves.


Intentionality is an internal and a more subtle matter. It results from a vision and clear emotion aligning. When this happens, the correct action or plan spontaneously arises and is often accompanied by a feeling that success is the result of luck or a clear and easy path opening before us.


Advanced training includes a clear process to train intentionality and is usually included as part of very long distance weaponry syllabus (such as knife throwing).


Fanchentro Kung Fu & Ju JitsuIn the process of investigating and refining technique it is necessary to pay careful attention to one's body to identify where energy is trapped and not flowing. This focused attention allows us to release an unnecessary physical tension which is an important step in developing internal energy or "Chi".


We then practice exercises that encourage the awareness of this energy which then further enhances technique.


Fanchento Kung Fu & Ju JitsuIn addition to the release of tension and the development of Chi, physical awareness is fundamental to health at a psychological level. Freud recognised the affect the mind had on the body and psychologists from Reich to Lowen recognise the influence of the body on the psyche. By releasing physical tensions we facilitate physical and psychological integration.



Fancehnto Kung Fu & Ju JitsuAnother profound benefit of releasing tension is it dramatically improves our ability to respond appropriately to others.
We practice numerous exercises that encourage a physical interaction with partners and so strongly encourage a level of physical coordination- this encourages a deeper level of communication at multiple levels.


At advanced stages of training, practitioners develop an ability to sense another's intent.

Self Knowledge

fanchento Kung Fu & Ju JitsuUnlike classical martial arts that force the individual to conform to a set of ridged exercises, we follow Bruce Lee's dictum:

"The individual is always more important than the style"

Practitioners discover that their individuality is recognised and even celebrated and the system conforms and adapts to them.


The effect of this has ramifications beyond the training hall, allowing practitioners to forge their own individual path through life. Fanchento celebrates each practitioner as an individual as an artist, a martial artist, and the creator of his/ her own life.


Transpersonal training

fanchento kung fu & Ju JitsuAt advanced stages of training practitioners learn to draw on the archetypal power of various animals. These animal energies inform technique and add yet a further level of richness and texture to training.


This training often leads to inspiring transpersonal experiences which awakens the practitioner to a profound level of connection.


Fanchento kung fu & ju jitsuA true and deep recognition of Beauty, Truth and Goodness is a recognised in eastern and western philosophy as leading to and being in itself a spiritual awakening. In the East monks study the beauty of nature, explore philosophy in a practical way and meditate as a path to find the Truth and explore morality and ethics to discover Goodness. In fact, these 3 concepts are not separate but faces of the same essence.

Fanchento as a path of spiritual development facilitates an exploration of these concepts.


- unadorned simplicity-


FanchentoA fundamental principle of Fanchento, drawn from Bruce Lee is:

"Chip away at the un essentials"

Like a sculptor revealing the art hidden within the structure of a block, Fanchento aims to remove all the unnecessary tensions and movements inhibiting and interfering with the natural simplicity of a technique.


A pure direct graceful and functional technique is beautiful to watch and experience. Kano, a Ju Jitsu master and founder of Judo stated:

"... the beauty and delight of performing graceful, meaningful techniques and seeing others perform them."


This direct bodily experience of grace and beauty is transformational and informs every aspect of a practitioners life, facilitating efficiency and simplicity in every aspect.


- reality of combat-

fanchentoFanchento always remains firmly rooted in the reality of combat. All exercises contribute to this outcome and can be tested against it. In this way we avoid the danger of "following the pied piper of flowery forms"- exercises that look beautiful and which we would like to fantasise bring great power.

This ruthless focus on the reality or truth of combat engenders a realistic and valuable perspective that empowers the practitioner.

- cultivation of individuality -

FanchentoFanchento follows the Taoist and Confucian perspective that all individuals are basically happy, decent and moral people and it is an accumulation of "acquired conditioning" that often prevents us following our true path through life. Fanchento strives through the physical medium to release this "acquired" or "human" mentality and return the practitioner to his/ her simple and true self where he is in touch with the "mind of the Tao" and releases his "acquired conditioning".



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