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Corporate Services

A fundamental precept of Fanchento is that by affecting our relationship with our body we can positively affect every aspect of our lives.


Stress Management
Office life is physically and psychologically stressful and we can provide you with proven tools to manage these stresses.


By working physically with co workers in various ways, empathy and therefore comunication is greatly enhanced.


Self Defence
We now live in a world where self- defence is a necessary skill and we provide workshops and seminars that very efficiently arm participants with self protection skills, attitudes and knowledge.


Structure of service

On going classes
These can be structured in a bespoke way to provide all the above benefits.  Classes can be held in separate training areas or even in work clothing and in open planned offices from behind one's desk.


These are bespoke fixed period sessions to arm attendants with particular skills, from physical stress relief strategies to self defence aspects.


Training is always enjoyable and conducted in an easy going relaxed environment.



Edwin Edelstein worked as a lawyer in a corporate environment before deciding to teach full time and is well aware of the obstacles and difficulties of those facing an office life. From more information about Edwin see here.


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