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About Training

In general, classes follow the following format:

  • Beginning meditation

  • Warm up

  • Specific strengthening exercises

  • Specific stretching exercises (upper and lower body)

  • Investigation of principle or technique. In this¬† Fanchento does not restrict itself to a single style. At times it looks like wrestling. At others like kickboxing, judo, aikido or Tai Chi. Classes may even resemble a yoga session or university philosophy tutorial.

  • Closing meditation or relaxation technique

In terms of technique, Fanchento includes: striking, throwing, holding/ locking, grappling and weaponry



Q: What do I wear?

A: Any loose fitting clothing with long sweat pants and no shoes.

Q: How physically demanding is training?

A: Training stretches practitioners physically, psychologically and mentally but never to an unhealthy or excessive degree. 


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